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Spare parts and are available via mail order from the Canadian Modeling Association for Meccano & Allied Systems (CMAMAS). See their website under "Sales".

Meccano Ltd. is now owned by Spin Master. If you wish to locate retail stores - please see this web page for a list of retailers:

Adrienne Schipperus, Large selection of Meccano spare parts, literature and manuals. Various time periods. Also many Stokys parts. Post worldwide from Alberta, CANADA. Enquire to Adrienne Schipperus at

MW Models Mail Order, PO Box 38696, London W13 8WD, ENGLAND, phone +44 20 8810 8719, e-mail: is the best dealers for Meccano literature.

MW Models has available the most comprehensive listing of Books, Magazines & Modelbuilding Literature that I've ever seen.

Their website is at

Dave Taylor, The Groves, Clapton Hall Lane, Great Dunmow, Essex CM6 LJE, ENGLAND, e-mail: specializes in 2nd hand and antique Meccano.

Full details of his offerings are available on the web at

John Thorpe, ENGLAND, e-mail: has a wide variety of Meccano on sale.

Details of his offerings are available on the web at

Ralph & Sue are selling off their excess Meccano in England.

See their website at:

Mike Rhoades, 137 Fairfield Avenue, Kirk Ella, Hull HU10 7UW, ENGLAND, phone: 01482 650463, FAX: 01482 658327 specializes in 2nd hand and antique Meccano. A copy of his price list is available at

MODELIT Ltd Meccano Shop (formerly Frizinghall Models and Railways), 5 Henacre Wood Court, Queensbury, Bradford, BD13 2LJ, ENGLAND, phone: +44 01274 817344 sells both Meccano France parts as well as reproduction parts. In addition, they sell many of the special parts formerly stocked at MW Models. Their website is at

Tony Rednall, operates RS Compatibles, 7 Peregrine Close, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4PG, ENGLAND, Telephone: (+44) 01379 643671, e-mail:

Tony makes specialty Meccano parts, e.g. couplings.

Edward Lupton, Homestead, Pensax, Stockton, Worcester WR6 6XJ, ENGLAND. email

Reproduction and Pre-Owned Original Meccano Parts. For full details, please see the website:

G-world, Ahmedabad, INDIA

Manufacturers of Meccano replica and special parts. Starting in February 2024 they are taking over Ashok's former business.

See the web pages for details:

Ashok K. Banerjee, Ahmedabad, INDIA

Note: Ashok indicated in July 2023 that he plans to shut down his Meccano reproduction parts business. His parts are still available from many dealers however.

Ashok is a real Meccano enthusiast and sells a wide variety of high-quality replica parts. His parts are available in a variety of colours, e.g. red/green, yellow/black and zinc plated. He even manufactures replica Geared Roller Bearings, new rubber tyres and assembles some sets!

See his web pages for details: is a USA vendor. They sell the USA version of Meccano branded "Erector" well as Merkur sets and parts.

Their website is fantastic as it includes much information on classic Erector sets and models:

M.R. Productions S.A.R.L, Chemin du Tort, 64350 LUCARRE, FRANCE, phone: (+33) 0, fax: (+33) 0, e-mail:

They distribute many specialized Meccano parts including BMP specials.

Their website is at:

Esteve Objets, FRANCE, e-mail: He is a French Meccano specialist.

His website is at:

Metallus is a German manufacturer of Marklin and Meccano compatable parts. Their manufacturing is now shut down but they are still selling off their existing stocks.

Their website is at: now with bilingual text.

Joel Perlin, Oxnard, California, U.S.A., phone: (805) 985-5498, e-mail: is a Meccano France dealer. He also has some antique Meccano and Erector. His website is:

Jack Parsisson of Australia has a website with an interactive interface and real time list of replica and special parts available with pictures.

His website is at


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