Meccano Models - Part 3


Shown below are more of the Meccano models that I have constructed.

Meccanoid Dinosaur

Meccano Tower Crane (Arduino Controlled)

Tipping Motor Lorry (Truck) in Yellow & Zinc from a 1950's set 8 Instruction Manual

Steam Shovel in Nickel & Zinc Plate

VW Campervan - Right Side

This is my version of Philip Webb's original model - see

VW Campervan - Front

VW Campervan - Back

Static version of Keith Cameron's "Crazy Crab".

Bird Lamp, based upon a Dutch model

Giant Roundabout from the February 1964 issue of "Meccano Magazine".

A Rider in the Sky

This novelty model was designed by Bernard Perier of France and was published in Constructor Quarterly (CQ) issue 28 from June 1995.


In this version of the Meccano model, the cook is making "Pokemon Stew".
"Cunnibals" was designed by Bernard Perier of France and is described in his book "Zkwyx Meccanaut" titled "Exotic Camping on Yumma" published by Constructor Quarterly (CQ).
The chief Cunnibal on the left dances up and down in joy while he waits for lunch to be prepared. The cook in the centre stirs the Pokemon Stew in the big red pot. The mother on the right comforts her baby.

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