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The following books describe aspects of Meccano.

The Meccano System and the Special Purpose Meccano Sets (Volume 6) by Bert Love & Jim Gamble

New Cavendish Books, London 1986; ISBN 0-904568-36-9

The above book is an all encompassing history of Meccano from 1901 to 1980. It is the single best reference available. (Note: this book is available in the Washington, D.C. Library of Congress.)

The Products of Binns Road - A General Survey (Volume 1) by Peter Randall

New Cavendish Books, London 19??; ISBN 0-904568-06-7

The above book is an overview of all they toys manufactured at the Meccano Ltd. Binns Road factory in Liverpool, England. These included Meccano, Hornby Trains, Dinky Toys, Mogul Trucks and many others.

The Meccano Super Models (Volume 2) by Geoff Wright

New Cavendish Books, London 1978; ISBN 0-904568-07-5

The above book is a compendium of the Super Model leaflets issued by Meccano Ltd. in the 1930's. These classic models helped elevate Meccano Ltd.'s fortunes to an historic high.

Frank Hornby, Notes and Pictures by Jim Gamble

2001; ISBN 0-9542061-0-X

This book contains many details about Frank Hornby and his relatives, including a great many photographs of his homes, family & factory.

Frank Hornby, The Boy Who Made a $1,000,000 With a Toy by M. P. Gould

New Cavendish Books, London 1975; originally published 1915; ISBN 0-904568-01-6 (reprint)

This is a semi-autobiographical, semi-self-serving story about how Frank Hornby invented and promoted Meccano. He really did became very rich due to his invention.

The Meccano Magazine 1916-1981 (Volume 7) by Joseph Manduca

New Cavendish Books, London 19??; ISBN 0-904568-37-7

This book has a (rather unreliable!) complete index to all issues, plus a complete colour section depicting all Meccano Magazine front covers. This book does not contain extracts of the actual magazine text.

Meccano Magazine featured hobbies of all sorts for boys, e.g. Meccano, model trains, speed boats, engineering topics, games, jokes, etc.. Meccano Magazine is no longer published.

The Meccano Magazine Anthology (Volume 7A) by Roger Beardsley

New Cavendish Books, London 19??; ISBN 1-872727-80-8

This book has extracts from various issues of Meccano Magazine so is much more interesting than volume 7. It is a collection of articles from MM covering the years 1923 to 1963 and includes, in full, all 12 month's copies of 1936. The whole book which runs to 1072 pages, and comes in a cardboard dust jacket.

Meccano Constructor's Guide by Bert Love

The above book is an edited edition of twelve articles published in the Meccano Magazine from Jaunary to December 1970.

Greenberg's Guide to Gilbert Erector Sets Volume One - 1913-1932 by William M. Bean & Al M. Sternagle

Greenberg Publishing Company, Sykesville 1993 ISBN 0-89778-075-2

The above book is about the history of Erector, a competing system to Meccano. It does, however, touch upon the Meccano Co. of New York's brief history and the events that followed it's sale to the A.C. Gilbert Co.. There are nice illustrations of Meccano sets showing how they incorporated Gilbert Erector parts.

Volume Two contains Erector information only.

La Fantastique epopee de Meccano de Jean-Louis Figereau et Edmond Besson

Editions du Collectionneur; France; ISBN 2-909450-21-X; 175 pages

The above "picture book" reproduces both historical and modern Meccano topics. Many old photos and examples of Meccano literature are reproduced as well as photos of Meccano models from recent exhibitions. As the title implies this book is written in French.

Factory of Dreams, A History of Meccano Ltd. by Kenneth D. Brown

Crucible Books, UK; ISBN 1-905472-08-0; 231 pages

The above book provides a comprehensive history of the company behind the famous Meccano brand. Many old photos are reproduced.

Encyclopedia of Meccano Parts (EMP) by Don Blakeborough, Wanganui, New Zealand.

According to one owner it is an unbelievable work of research documenting in detail, part by part, all their variations along time.

Weight: 4.8 kg (10.6 lb) for all six volumes

Note: Don has passed away some time ago but this publication is still available:


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