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Meccano Ltd. published many good model plans over the years in it's instruction books and in Meccano Magazine. Nevertheless there are many additional plans available through Meccano associations and dealers, e.g. MW Models Mail Order.

The book, The Meccano Super Models, is a prime source of "classic" Meccano model plans dating from the 1930's. Compared to modern model plans however, the plans in this book are very dated. The Super Model plans published in this book are:

  1. Motor Chasis
  2. High-Speed Ship Coaler
  3. Motor-cycle & Sidecar
  4. Giant Block-setting Crane
  5. Travelling Bucket Dredger
  6. Stiff-Leg Derrick
  7. Platform Scales
  8. Roundabout
  9. Bagatelle Table
  10. Log Saw
  11. Single Cylinder Horizontal Steam Engine
  12. Stone-Sawing Machine
  13. Meccanograph
  14. Grandfather Clock
  15. Baltic Tank Loco.
  16. Loom
  17. Planing Machine
  18. Revolving Crane
  19. Steam Shovel (Steam Excavator)
  20. Electric Mobile Crane
  21. Transporter Bridge
  22. Traction Engine
  23. Vertical Log Saw
  24. Travelling Gantry Crane
  25. Hydraulic Crane
  26. Twin Elliptic Harmonograph
  27. Giant Dragline
  28. Pontoon Crane
  29. Hammerhead Crane
  30. Railway Breakdown Crane
  31. Electric Elevator
  32. Twin Cylinder Steam Engine
  33. Single and Double Flyboats
  34. Three Engine Biplane
  35. Automatic Grabbing Crane
  36. Electric Derrick Crane
  37. 6-Inch Howitzer Equipped with Limber and Tractor

The Canadian Modeling Association for Meccano and Allied Systems (CMAMAS) publishes the following modern model plans:

  1. An Accurrate Orrery
  2. Chemical Fire Engine
  3. A Remontoire Clock
  4. Rhino Charger Robotic Arm
  5. Road Grader
  6. Krazy Clock
  7. Diver's Helmet
  8. Three Planet Orrery
  9. C-C Electric Locomotive
  10. La Reale Oared Fighting Ship
  11. Kenworth W-900 Conventional Tractor
  12. James Watt's 1788 Rotative Beam Engine
  13. Servetti's Maypole Tubular Braider
  14. Twin Beam Pumping Engine
  15. Old Tyme Ferris Wheel
  16. Stainless Steel Heat Treatment Plant

The twenty No. 10 set model leaflets published from 1952 to 1979 are listed below. Also shown are the ten No. 9 set model plans which were renumbered in 1970 when the sets were made smaller.

"Model of the Month" was published in Meccano Magazine from 1956 through 1962. Some of the models were:

The GMM/MW series of modern super models covers a wide variety of subjects.
See MW Models Mail Order for a complete list.

Andreas Konkoly of Hungary published many imaginative model plans over the years - some are listed below. See the Runnymede Meccano Guild Konkoly Models page for more details. Note: Andreas Konkoly died in June 2003.

See also Meccano - Miscelaneous Links for links to websites with Meccano Instruction Booklets, Magazines and Brochures online.


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