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Meccano is a metal construction set consisting of nuts, bolts, strips, girders, brackets, wheels, axles, motors, gears and pulleys. It's a kids toy ... it's an adult hobby. You can make simple models like the "Garden Bench" ... you can make amazingly complex models like a 2 metre tall working dockside crane. See Meccano for Kids. Where can you get Meccano? See Meccano Sources for some suppliers.

Meccano has been around a long time, it was patented by Frank Hornby in 1901 - see Meccano, a Short History for more details.

Please see Meccano Instruction Booklets - Part 1 and Part 2 for some illustrations of covers over the years. Please see Meccano Brochures - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 for some illustrations of covers over the years. Please see Meccano Magazine for more details about this publication. Please see Meccano Box & Tin Labels for some illustrations of labels over the years.

Canadian Meccano enthusiasts hold regular exhibitions of Meccano models - please see Meccano Exhibitions for details of upcoming shows.

There are several books about Meccano and Meccano model building - see Meccano Books for the details. As well, hobbyist newsletters are still published on a regular basis, including the Canadian MeccaNotes - see Meccano Newsletters & Associations for details.

There are many old and new Meccano model plans available, see Meccano Model Plans.
Please see Meccano Models - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for some photos of models I have constructed.

There are many different Meccano parts used in the construction of models - see Meccano Parts.

Second hand Meccano can be refurbished as described in Meccano Cleaning & Restoring.

Meccano was the first commercially sucessfull metal construction set, but there have been many, many imitators over the years - see Meccano Imitators.

Meccano appears elsewhere on the Internet - see Meccano - Miscellaneous Links for other references.

Comments or questions? Please e-mail me. Please note that these web pages are the product of a Meccano enthusiast. I am not associated with Meccano Ltd. nor any other company.

David Williams

Meccano Collector and Meccanoman
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

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